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Indoor Spot Shoots

Few more pictures from tonight shoot.

Posted by Mikes Bow Shop

on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Scores as follows on a vegas 450 round..
Two Weeks Left !!!! NEXT WEDNESDAY NFAA 5 spot 300-60x round.

1- Rod White-447-33x
2-Tyson Hart-444-18x
3-Steve Brecount Jr.-443-24x
4-Kevin Cramberg-441-24x
5-Kelley Doggett-441-21x
6-Joe Rose-440-25x
7- Mitch Garrels-438-19x
8-Alexis Alexander-432-12x
9-Aaron Barnes-429-14x
10-Chris Mead-426-10x
11-Shawn Strothman-426-7x
12-Kent McCullom-425-15x
13-Aaron Fedler-425-11x
14-Justin Wixom-425-11x
15-Gentry Jones-423-11x
16-Jim Wages-414-9x
17-Adam Lane-401-7x
18-Matthew Williams-400-6x
19-Justin Peterson-397-7x
20-Nolan Pauley-386-1x


1.Kelley Doggett-446-28xs
2. TysonHart-445-27xs
3.Joe Rose-444-27xs
4. Kevin Cramberg-442-26xs
5.Kent McCollum-439-18xs
6.Steve Brecount Jr.-438-21xs
7- Mitch Garrels-435-13xs
8.Shawn Strothman-427-15xs
9.Alexis Alexander-424-13xs
10.Aaron Barnes-420-10xs
11.Matthew Williams-418-10xs
12.Justin Peterson-417-6xs
13.Gentry Jones-414-14xs
14.Justin Wixom-413-15xs
15.Nolan Pauly-400-3xs
16.Chris Mead-367-9xs

Week 1

Tyson Hart – 296-22x
Kelley Doggett -296-15x
Brandon McLeland-296-15x
Steve Brecount Jr.-296-12x
Joe Rose- 296-11x
Kevin Cramberg- 294-12x
Kent Mccullom – 293-14x
Shawn Strothman-288- 8x
Chris Mead- 286-9x
Jim Wages- 286-7x
Gentry Jones-280-6x
Aaron Barnes-278-6x
Aaron Fedler-278-5x
Mitch Garrels -277-5x
Nolan Pauley-276-3x
Justin Peterson-272-5x
Josh Stiles-272-1x
Adam Lane-259-2x

Week 2

Joe Rose-296-16X
Brandon McLeland-296-15X
Kent McCollum-295-12x
Kelley Doggett-293-12x
Steve Brecount Jr.-292-14x
Kevin Cramberg-291-14x
Shawn Strothman-291-8x
Mitch Garrels-289-9x
Jaime Brecount-285-8x
Jim Wages-284-5x
Aaron Fedler-283-6x
Justin Peterson-283-5x
Chris Mead-278-3x
Matthew Williams-276-7x
Justin Wixom-274-6x
Aaron Barnes-274-5x
Nolan Pauley-270-3x
Odessa Cornick-256-6x
Lillie Marsden-189-1x
Carrie Wixom-115

Week 3

Kent McCollum -299-51X
Joe Rose-299-49x
Brandon McLeland 299-45x
Tyson Hart-298-47x
Kelley Doggett-298-44x
Mitch Garrels-297-37x
Kevin Cramberg-295-48X
Shawn Strothman-295-33x
Alexis Alexander-293-31x
Chris Mead-292-31x
Aaron Fedler-290-33x
Mathews Williams-290-21x
Justin Wixom-288-26x
Justin Peterson-286-24x
Adam Lane-286-17x
Gentry Jones-286-14x
Nolan Pauley-283-21x
Aaron Barnes-276-24x

WEEK #4 Spot leagues
Another Great Turn out of shooters!
Thanks again!
Scores as follows:

Tyson Hart-300-53x
Kelley Doggett-300-52x
Kent McCullom-300-52x
Kevin Cramberg-300-50x
Joe Rose-300-50x
Rod White-300-50x
Steve Brecount Jr.-299-50x
Mitch Garrels-298-35x
Chris Mead-294-28x
Aaron Fedler-292-29x
Shawn Strothman-292-23x
Justin Wixom-283-21x
Adam Lane-282-24x
Gentry Jones-282-20x
Mathew Williams-282-13x
Aaron Barnes-277-20x