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Outdoor 3d Shoots

          New ASA Targets


2018 Schedule

1st Shoot- May 5th and 6th


Men’s Open Known
Joe Rose -426
Brandon McLeland-410
Mitch Garrels-390
Kelley Doggett-382
Gentry Jones-366
Justin Peterson-365
Brent Roth-333
Kent McCullom- 200- 20 Targets
Lucas Woodsmall-170-20 Targets
Justin Wixom- 160-20 Targets

Men’s Open Unknown
Zack Cornick-410
Tyson Hart-391

Womens Open Known
Jaime Brecount- 197-20 Targets

Men’s Hunter Known
Taylor Buchholz -386
Jake Trimble-340

Men’s Unknown
Aaron Phillips-329
Adam Barnes-185- 20 Targets
Shane Grammer-145-20 Targets
Randy Deao-141-20 Targets

Women’s Hunter Known
Denissa Cornick-389

Women’s hunter Unknown
Cassandra Little-184-20 Targets
Carrie Wixom-148-20 Targets
Lillie Marsden-147-20 Targets
Jennifer Grammer-139-20 Targets
Heather Woodsmall-119-20 Targets

Odessa Cornick-369
Gage Herbert- 159-20 Targets
James Fuler-157-20 Targets
Baylee Woodsmall-140-20 Targets
Dominic Wixom 124-20 Targets
Brynlee Woodsmall-88-20 Targets
Alina Cornick-45-14 Targets

The Next Shoot is May 26th and 27th…
Make sure to Tell a friend or 50.

2nd Shoot-May 26th and 27th

3rd Shoot- June 23th and 24th

Mens Open Known:

Zack Cornick-434
Brandon McLeland-422
Tyson Hart- 398
Gentry Jones- 359

Mens Hunter Known-
Wyatt Ross- 180-20 targets
Spencer Manning-175-20 targets

Mens Hunter Unkown-
Joe Raschendorfer-315
Josh Zachmeyer-309
Aaron Phillips-305

Womens Open known
Denissa Cornick-382

Womens know hunter
Shanel King-172-20 targets

Odessa Cornick-311
Alina Cornick-98

Thanks for the support and hope to see you at the next shoot.

4th Shoot-July-21 and 22nd

5th Shoot -August 11th and 12th

6th Shoot-September 8th and 9th

Hope this Works for most everyone!
Rangefinders ARE ALLOWED!
20 targets with ASA scoring rings.
Shoot through (once 20 targets) or twice (40 targets)
Shooting stakes for all Classes.

Cost is $10.00/ 20 targets or $15 for 40 targets
Children 13 and under shoot FREE